Circus Mundus Absurdus

Circus Mundus Absurdus is a truly versatile Freak Circus Group from Finland. Over the last six years not only did they invade stages in Scandinavia, Lithuania, Russia, Japan, Italy, Australia, the US and the UK, but also appeared in video clips, TV shows and even at weddings.
Combining traditional circus elements like facial expressions and clowns with a new kind of circus art, fire performances and the always astonishing repertoire of classical freak shows and body art scenes the Circus Mundus Absurdus creates a truly unique and original show – all spiced up with a bit of weird finnish humor.
The six of them develop every aspect of the shows completely on their own, beginning with the scripts, over make up and piercings up to supensions. All performances and stunts are meant to be as authentic as possible – no tricks, no safety rope, no double floors...

Website: Circus Mundus Absurdus

Video: watch the Circus Mundus Absurdus Video