Dress To Impress

Boheme Noir is cutting edge and in the same way is the feeling our guests.

Latex, leather, vinyl, silk, velvet, silicone, needles & pins and whatever you like: The Pleasure to dress is the important thing. Leaving out the ordinary topless jeans guy it’s all about lust – visually and mentally. Fall into your make up bins, drive your hair stylist insane or make your favourite piercer a rich man. The past parties have shown it’s mostly a lot easier than you might think at first. Just take a look at our gallery and you’ll see it’s not that difficult

The material, the cut - this is not important - it just has to be something special. No everyday, ordinary clothes. Not just a jeans with a shirt. If you have great tattoes and piercings, show them! A normal Business Suit is not enough, but a suit in the style of the 20s, with a great hat or an old tail coat for example is fine and perfect. So wear what you want, but impress the ladies at the door!