Bohème-Noir I (2004)

For the first Bohème Noir party in 2004 we had some very interesting guests at the Magnet Club here in Berlin. First of all there were Two Witches, a gothic-vampire-band from Finland, who celebrated their 17th birthday that year. Besides that there were three ladys who presented an art show with singing and dancing. And last but not least we had some photo and video projections by Martin Pelzer and Tina Cassati.

Boheme-Noir P23 -photo Peter Dircken.jpg
Bohème-Noir II (2005)

The next Bohème Noir was held in December 2005 in a much bigger venue. With Lucifire, Mignon and Chaos Research we had three amazing live acts performing on stage. Around these acts there were some other shows, walking acts, video and photo projections, some art stuff and a few little surprises. Even if there were some technical issues – they main act of the night were (and always will be!) our guests.

And so the story continues: Dress to impress – a freak show just for freaks!

Bohème-Noir III (2006)
Bohème-Noir IV (2007)

On December, 1st, 2007 the gates were opened for the fourth time at the Pulp Mansion.For your Entertainment we have had:

The Pleasures (Glam Rock, Hamburg)
Suka Off (Performance Theater, Polen)
Liaison Céleste (Trapez Performance)
The Bomb Boutique Clerks ( and DJ Marvin on two floors with music from 80s, NDW, Gothic, Rock bis zu Electro, Electroclash, Disco Nouveau, EBM, Industrial, Noise and amazing visuals on the screens and monitors by Channel83 .

Bohème-Noir V (2008)

Oh my god. Pulp Mansion was overcrowded with fancy people and we rocked the club for 10 hours. Bohème-Noir became even more international with guest from overseas, just traveled to Berlin to enjoy our event. Great!

Bohème-Noir VI (2009)